Hell & Back

PGS Go to Hell & Back!

“Hell & Back” is the largest and most popular obstacle course run in the country. Stunning private farm estates are converted into adventure playgrounds, where participants must complete a 10-15KM trail route crossing rivers and lakes, climbing hills and mountains and crawling through bogs and swamps.     This year DCU Read more…


SolarFest 2017

Solarfest is an event aimed at providing people to find out more about the Sun and its place among the other stars, as well as its crucial importance to Earth. This year it took place at the Dunsink Observatory between June 16th & 18th. DCU Postgraduate student Beronica Garcia was present at Read more…


DCU Postgraduate Society EGM

We need to elect some new committee members until an AGM next October, we will vote at an EGM on June 15th at 5 pm in Albert College Park, DCU. We are planning on having a BBQ (weather depending), Pizza in the Park along with some fun outside sports activities. Also, Read more…

PubhD June Podcast

Podcast: PodhD Episode 9

PodhD Episode 9 Podcast PodhD is the podcast chronicle of the world of PubhD – a revolutionary mix of pub entertainment and high-level academic research. It is produced and presented by Guy Kiddey. The latest PodhD podcast featuring, Richard Fallon on dinosaurs in Victorian Britain, and Nicola Blacklaws on the Poor Law Read more…