We need to elect some new committee members until an AGM next October, we will vote at an EGM on June 15th at 5 pm in Albert College Park, DCU. We are planning on having a BBQ (weather depending), Pizza in the Park along with some fun outside sports activities. Also, we will vote on the new members of the committee. Information on the positions and what is involved is listed below. To view our current committee, click here.



We have reviewed the PGS constitution, and we are proposing amendments to certain parts of it to allow the society to function more efficiently for all. These will be voted on at the EGM on the 15th of June.

The following amendments are being proposed:

  • The addition of a Sports Officer to promote and organise social sporting activities for PGS members. 
  • We have reviewed protocols for calling meetings and have made the following proposal, to change 2 weeks notice of General Meetings to 1-week notice.  
  • For voting on Constitutional changes, it was seen that changing notice from 1 week to 5 days was more viable. 
  • Changes to the Treasurer’s role to accommodate for more dynamic banking services. 
Revised Constitution access available by request.



The positions that are to be voted on at the EGM include:

  • Treasurer:
    1. The Treasurer’s function shall be to administer the funds of the society and to maintain accounts and budgets.
    2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of accounts subject to the decision of the committee in compliance with the regulations set down by the Societies & Publications Committee of DCU.
    3. The Treasurer shall keep full records of income and expenditure of the society. The Treasurer shall also keep a record of who authorised various expenditures and shall issue receipts.
    4. The Treasurer shall sign all cheques and withdrawal forms for the Society’s bank account.
    5. Where the Treasurer is decreed as unavailable, another designated person may sign cheques and withdrawal forms for the society on consultation with the Societies & Publications Committee.
  • Sports Officer:

The Sports Officer shall actively promote and provide participation opportunities for all sections of the postgraduate society community in all kinds of sports activities.

  • Equipment Officer:
    1. The Equipment Officer shall be responsible for the fixed and current assets of the society in compliance with the regulations set down by the Societies & Publications Committee.
    2. The Equipment Officer shall maintain a record of all fixed and current assets belonging to the society and will report an inventory list to the committee at the start and end of the academic year.
  • One ordinary member

This event should be a great opportunity to relax and socialise!

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