The committee for Postgrad Society must call an EGM for the election of four committee positions, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Co-Sports Officer & an Ordinary Member. If you are interested in becoming part of the committee we encourage you to attend and run for a position. This event will be of interest to all members as you will get to elect the representatives for these positions for the remainder of the 2017/2018 academic year. The event will take place on Tuesday, 3rd April location TBC (XG14 or HG10).

What is involved in these positions?

– Treasurer: The role of the treasurer is to administer funds to the society, maintain records of expenditure and budgets.The treasurer will also keep a record of authorised transactions, and collect all receipts.

Public Relations Officer (PRO): The Public Relations Officer, looks after the promotion and communication activities of the society. Typical duties include managing email communications, social media activity and event organisation.

– Co-Sports Officer: PGS has two sports officer positions, as such teamwork and coordination are essential for this role. The Sports Officer’s play an important role the Postgraduate Society, organising enjoyable and social sporting events & activities for the Postgraduate community.

– Ordinary Member: The roles of the ordinary member are to attend committee meetings, provide feedback and suggestions to the committee and to assist others in the running of the society’s activities.

Contact for any queries relating to positions or the election. Our constitution can be viewed here.

Dylan Grimes Larkin

Dylan Grimes Larkin

DCU Postgraduate Society Secretary | PubhD Dublin Co-Organiser | Physics