This year PGS will be taking part in the popular adventure race Tough Mudder, despite the name and reputation Tough Mudder is a fun, challenging and enjoyable event especially with a team. The Postgraduate Society have discounted (€46.95, usually €100 for 10 mile race) for sale tickets available here*. There is also a 5 mile option (€35) for 5 mile tickets enter the “5mile” discount code for your discount ticket code.The event will take place on the 21st July, and the society will be arranging carpooling to and from the event.

(Our tickets are OUT OF STOCK! You can still join our team, by getting tickets for Saturday July 21st on with our discount and team code TM18DCU on their website


So, what to expect?

An amazing atmosphere! That’s the first thing.

Be prepared to meet some really nice people. The Tough Mudder community is very supportive. From the organisers to the volunteers to your fellow participants, there is an immense feeling of teamwork and comradery. So don’t be afraid to tackle this challenge on your own. Everyone helps each out and we’re all there to have a good time.

There is a whole mixture of emotions bubbling through your head once you have registered and the minutes ticked down to the start time. Adrenaline. Excitement. Nausea. Fear. “What the hell have I signed myself up to!”. But don’t worry with some adequate training and appropriate gear you and your team will survive the challenge and be delighted you took part!

What to Wear?

Warm, flexible clothing that can easily washed or dispensed of Lycra, is a good option for keeping you covered, whilst remaining flexible enough for you to move freely, it is also quick drying which is an advantage. You can get most things at Penney’s but a good comfortable pair of grippy running shoes is important, although if possible use an older pair that you don’t mind potentially destroying with mud and water. Gloves are optional but may be useful, depending on conditions.


  • Weather protection – Sun cream, plenty of layers, waterproof, basically whatever is appropriate for the wondrous Irish weather.
  • Bag for the Bag Drop – The bag drop is perfect if you want to grab something quickly after the race. If you’re feeling clever, you can arrange to share a big bag with a few friends and split the cost.
  • Complete change of clothes – One of THE best feelings in the world is changing out of your muddy, sweating gear and into cosy, warm comfies.
  • Old towel – Showers are available to try and make you feel more human again but an old towel is also a great idea to get the main mud brushed off.

This should be a great experience to join fellow Postgrads & Colleagues in one of the best and most fun adventure challenges around!

Tickets available here!

You’ll receive free beer and some nibbles at the finish, as well as your prize Tough Mudder T-shirt and headband!

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