PubhD Video

Video: PubhD 24

This is a video from our 24th PubhD event last Wednesday, it includes the talks from our speakers Martin Barr, Edmund Gilbert & Allison Galbari. Their brief abstracts are available below.


We had three researchers explain their research in a pub, with topics ranging from Lung Cancer, Irish Genetic to Samhain.
Video Credit: Beronica Garcia


Martin Barr is a Clinical Scientist in the Thoracic Oncology Research Group, Institute of Molecular Medicine, St James’s Hospital & is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Trinity College Dublin. Martin has a number of key research interests in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). These include projects investigating the role of VEGF and its receptors in lung cancer cell signalling, miRNA profiling and gene signatures as potential markers in the treatment of lung cancer patients and the role of VEGF in lung cancer cell survival.

Edmund Gilbert is a third year PhD student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. His PhD is on the subject of Irish population genetics and diversity, i.e. the how and why different regions in Ireland show different genetic profiles. His work involves studying the wider Irish population, as well as the Irish Travellers who are an interesting genetic isolate.

Allison Galbari is a first-year PhD student at UCD, studying archaeology. Her research focuses on the origins of the festival of Samhain and its eventual evolution into Halloween. Due to the intangible nature of this festival, it is difficult to use traditional archaeological methods to conduct this study. By using folklore, we can get a better understanding of how people viewed the world around them, including archaeological sites. By utilizing folklore, we will be able to track locations that were either directly associated with Samhain through oral tradition or locations that had significant Halloween traditions, suggesting a traditional importance.